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A 21st century challenge for organisations

The organisations of the 21st century face great challenges in incorporating the social and environmental component into their vision. They have evolved from being an entity that generates economic benefits for its shareholders to thinking in an integral way about the Common Good that involves the interested parties, the community where it operates and the[...]
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Shifting Offshoring Landscape: Latin America’s Rise and Advantages over India

Introduction: In the dynamic world of offshoring, Latin American countries are increasingly gaining prominence as preferred destinations for business outsourcing. With their competitive advantages, including cost efficiency, skilled talent, language proficiency, and favorable time zone proximity, Latin America is surpassing India as the go-to region for offshoring initiatives. In this comprehensive article, we will explore[...]
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Unlocking the Power of Collaboration: Latin America’s Culture and Hyperautomation in Offshoring

Introduction: Latin America has emerged as a strategic hub for offshoring initiatives in the hyperautomation space, driven not only by cost efficiency and skilled talent but also by the region’s unique cultural attributes. In this article, we will delve into Latin America’s culture of collaboration and explore how it propels offshoring success in hyperautomation, with[...]
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Unlocking LATAM’s Tech Talent: Embracing Diversity and Innovation in Hyperautomation

Introduction: Latin America (LATAM) has emerged as a thriving hub for technology talent, offering a rich pool of diverse professionals ready to drive innovation and transformation. In recent years, the region has witnessed a remarkable rise in its tech ecosystem, attracting global attention for its exceptional talent and vibrant startup culture. Today, we explore the[...]
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