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We define a work methodology that allows us to establish and mature initiatives to carry out the automation and optimization of your processes through our solutions.

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We consolidate and put at your disposal in our PUC a Specialized Support Team that provides Technological Solutions to make your operation easier under subscription of licenses, computer and printing equipment.

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Our consultancy team can help you research a market opportunity, devise new business opportunities and test them in an agile way.

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Chief Operating Officer

Fabian Salazar

Prior to joining Ofi as a partner, Fabian was vice president of countries at Intergrupo, where he led its delivery organization. While Fabian has spent most of his adult life in Medellin, Colombia, he is originally from Quindio, a region famous for its coffee farms. During the pandemic, Fabian decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee to hone his English skills.
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The five core pillars of the Celonis Execution Management Platform

  • Extraction of data from their information systems.
  • Conversion of data into meaningful knowledge.
  • Creation of a data model.
  • Visual reconstruction of the process from transactional system data. (event log).
  • Linking process metadata to analytics to drill down into data at any element of the process.
  • Implementation of pre-designed analytics to provide immediate information for key processes.
  • Creation of a digital twin from the data.
  • Adjusting the parameters of the digital twin to simulate what-if scenarios.
  • Coding of successful what-if scenarios into a future process model.
  • Continuous monitoring of improvements to a future process.
  • Leveraging process mining data to focus the entire enterprise on what is most relevant to them.
  • It allows employees to prioritise their most important tasks and eliminates rework of non-productive tasks.
  • Identification of implementation gaps that can be eliminated by automation.
  • Definition of the rules and business logic that will trigger automation based on data-driven insights.
  • Monitoring of automations to adjust them according to the needs of the business.
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