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We have established this space for our customers, collaborators, suppliers and/or third parties so that people who identify possible irregularities, breaches of regulations, violations of our code of ethics and conduct or other facts or circumstances that affect or may affect the proper functioning of our company and the integrity of individuals can report them to Ofi.

If you know of any irregularity that you wish to report and that is related to acts of corruption, internal or external fraud, poor corporate governance practices, or any matter that questions the transparency or legality of the actions of any Ofi, consider that the Company will guarantee the anonymity of the whistleblower and your identity will not be revealed. When making the report, do so objectively and respectfully, all reports must be based on real and verifiable facts, when providing the information or describing the facts, provide all the information you know and do not use these channels to make false reports.

*If you want to file an anonymous complaint please leave the fields corresponding to your personal data BLANK.

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