Ofi wins Celonis Partner of the Year Award

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Ofi wins Celonis Partner of the Year Award

São Paulo, August 4th, 2022, Latam-based digital consultancy, Ofi, today announces that it won a Celonis Partner of the Year Award in the Enablement category. 

After successful engagements with companies such as Zurich, Grupo Argos, Nissan, Davivienda, La Fabril, among others, Ofi continues to rapidly expand its Celonis-based delivery capabilities across Spanish-speaking Latin America. 

Celonis is the global leader in execution management as well as a pioneer in process mining. 

The Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) reveals and fixes process inefficiencies. It connects to the data and provides the intelligence to understand what to fix first, and the right actions to take to remove the inefficiencies silently killing performance. By integrating real-time data, process intelligence and targeted actions, the EMS enables customers to achieve significant business performance improvements in a very short period of time by unlocking corporate inefficiencies, providing better employee and customer experiences and reducing carbon emissions.

CEO at Ofi, Peter Ostroske said, “We believe that Celonis´ ability to provide  users with real time feedback on how their processes are performing will change the way people make decisions in every aspect of a business. Companies that adopt the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) will gain a clearcompetitive advantage when it comes to customer service by optimizing their back-office processes.”

Luis Picinini, Partner and Alliances Director at Celonis commented: “We are very excited about our partnership momentum with Ofi, who clearly  understands how to bring value to customers with Celonis. The combination of enablement, demand generation, communication, focus and execution generated strong results and happy customers. It’s good to see such commitment being recognized and we are looking forward to further deepening our relationship with Ofi to identify even unprecedented opportunities for value realization.”

About Ofi

With nine years of history, Ofi is a Latam-based digital consultancy whose goal is to accelerate process transformation in companies byway of Celonis´ Execution Management System (EMS). The company has offices in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Chile.

For more information, contact: Peter Ostroske, peter.ostroske@ofi.com.co

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