Generative AI & Process Mining Use Case #17: Recruitment

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Using Generative AI to optimize your Recruitment Process

Explore the forefront of recruitment innovation through our advanced tool, which integrates Generative AI and Process Mining. Our tool leverages advanced models (e.g. Large Language Models) to transform the talent acquisition process. Our solution allows recruiters to focus on the individual candidates while automating manual and repetitive work. Built in the industry leading Process Mining platform Celonis, our tool allows the integration of talent data from multiple large recruitment systems (e.g. LinkedIn recruiter, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday etc.) By providing one platform to manage and automate the talent process, recruiters can expect higher response rates, additional hires, and an enhanced NPS


  • Client:All types of Companies
  • Date:24/08/2023
  • Tags:Recruitment Innovation, Process Mining
  • Project Type:Generative AI & Process Mining App